Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Head or Heart?

I can never understand – sometimes the heart just refuses to listen to the head. It’s like the head has make a decision but the heart just does not want to follow decision. It would make you dread, dread & dread.

I mean, how could that be? Both the heart and the brain is right in the same body, how could they contradict each other? Literally saying, scientifically, the heart actually does not control our feelings; its function is to pump the blood all over the body and does not involving in the thinking process. In fact, feelings are also controlled by the brain. Thus, this is even crazier; the brain is disagreeing with its own decision!!

Guess you are probably thinking… what the heck that prompt me into questioning this? Well, this logical thinking side brain of me has made a decision on something recently. However, though the decision was made quite a while ago, I have yet made any move/action to realize the decision made. The reason was simple – the other part of the brain, (correction: not even the other part, the other small percentage of the brain) seem to have a great power, it generates the unwillingness feeling and I dread to make any move. I am afraid things would turn awry, I would regret my decisions, I…

Thus here I am, still wondering if my logical mind made a correct decision, and as to why the other side of me is trying to prevent me from making a move…

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