Friday, January 14, 2005

The Aftermath

Yesterday was a hot hot day. Hotter than in Cambodia, if not similar...

Today, everytime the air-conditional stops, Piggy will shout - safe safe safe! And the rest of the people will look up at the ceiling and pray that the lights will not go off too.

But what happened was...the computer, the system finally gave up after a fight, I guess. The workflow suddenly gone kaput. Empty. Nil. Causing the designer, the mantainence team who looks after their 'baby' almost cried. Been running here and there to calm the baby so that it goes back to normal and all of us can go back to work.

It is actually very funny cause the people affected are us. The sad people who has to continue their work yesterday when the power was off. Piggy said what goes around, comes around!

Nite screaming bored via messenger from town. I'm saying go blog! hehe...again. I think today will be like blogging marathon. Funny the figure for dayNnite post still stays 91. I'm pretty sure we had hit the 100th mark. Was like telling nite that we celebrate....not the stupid countmeter seemed to have died as well.

So yeah, the aftermath....I think I'm getting the mind going bonkus syndrome.....

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