Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What is worse?

You know what is the worst thing? Getting sick, yet not sick enough to get MC.
Stupid bug had hit me but not full blast. It is like I'm given half a dosage of flu and cough. So I have been tearing and sneezing, yet no runny nose. Even if I have, the nose isn't running, it is jogging. And when it is time for me to sneeze, my face swell up, getting ready to sneeze, tears start to pour over my eyes, ah ah ah...and there is no choo. Then the nose start to get itchy.
Geesh....felt like pulling my nose out and give it a good whacking before putting it back on.
Wouldn't it best if the nose runs full blast, and the coughing goes loudly.....then maybe I can march to the nearest clinic and just show my face, and immediately the Dr would give me MC. ah....that would be nice.
Maybe tomorrow, if i can act kesian better, I can go see the Dr to get that much needed cert.

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