Thursday, January 27, 2005

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There had been reports in Webberville that there are several strange animals roaming around. A group of scientists had been sent there for some research. In the progress, they had started to name these strange animals with the name that you and I know very well. Below are a few of them and their charateristics.

Would perhaps want to name this animal rooster, yet the name chicken sounded nicer. How to identify it, the hairstyle which seem to represent the animal. At times, it is high and sharp. Sometimes it covers only half the head, sometimes from the front to the back. Sometimes it just disappear....and will come back in a 2 months' time. A cool chicken I would say, cause the chicken would wear sunglasses everywhere be it in the open or indoors. Don't even care if the the sun is shinning or not. Chicken with fashion sense? It is still under observation, but nowdays it is nowhere in sight. Pretty difficult to search for it, cause it is a foreign chicken...can fly one wei...dun play play.

A good looking one too. Yet I guess the scientists felt that the body isn't proportionate, thus having that animal named duckman. waddle waddle waddle....

This has the most majority of yea from the scientists. For a long time now this animal hadn't been named. It had been flying here and there where it isn't suppose to be. With its big spectacle eyes and dark skinny frame, the name actually suits it very well. At least in its physical form. But to our amazement, the sound it produces also comes out exactly the same as the lalat aka fly which you and I know. buzz buzz buzz. At first we wanted to name him flyboy, but that name is just too cool for a lalat. Thus the name sticks. It was quite an appearance....that when it takes it flight, which is like every half and hour, you will see the scientists start to put on their earphones and have nice music blasting to avoid hearing that buzz buzz buzz sound. It would be best if the scientists put on their night blind too to avoid sore eyes, but hey...they have to keep a look out for more animals in Webberville.

Newly named species. It had been grazing grasses all day long. And when the scientists need it to do some work, it comes and look at you and just most often disappears, probably out looking for fresher grasses to graze upon. The funny thing was that the scientists here only get to observe the cow on the alternate days. They heard of the legend that the cow would transport itself to another place for rejuvenation and greener grass to graze upon. Could it be that the cow felt that the scientists are harrasing it? Only lately the scientists found that they had its gender mixed up, should be named bull, yet the characteristics it displayed doesn't represent a bull, thus the name cow sticks.

There is another animal which seemed to be flying here and there. Had been mumbling alot of gibberish stuff which none of the scientists understands. It stands behind them and just yakety yak yak with no solutions at hand. One of us wanted to name it mosie, another wants to name it criket or grasshopper, still under consideration. The name of this strange species will be out soon, hopefully.

Reported by Cruisor


Little P (oo) said...

duckman --> he waddles cause his duck hide too big for the trouses la...ask him wear looser fitting stuff

cow--> now thts a new one

unamed --> prefer to go for cricket..cause its a NATO ( not action talk only)

Anonymous said...

The one that kept disappearing when ppl need it one?
Criket? Criket don't do anything one meh?

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