Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why I Never Thought Of Wanting To Go To A Club/Disco.

The company where I worked organized this sort of celebration (should I say celebration? Perhaps, loosely that) at a club/disco place due to hitting so and so target last year, hmm.. which was a few days ago. Didn’t really have the thing to go but my friend said that since we were working very hard, er.. like 16 days non-stop (including christmas & weekends), might as well go eat our portion.

So there I was sitting in the kind of club thingy (I don’t really know how to differentiate bar, club, lounge, disco. I’ll get someone who fond to go clubbing to explain that to me later) and realize why it has never struck me of wanting to go to such place. Clarification – bar where just drinking with not so loud music is acceptable. Well, say I’m pathetic, not up to par, whatever, but I have my reasons, rather valid ones too.

1. It was soooo smoky
Gosh, it’s so smoky. Initially things were okay. As the time passes (mind you, I want there only like about the max 3 hours) and things were getting hazy. I almost thought I was in this smelly smoky dream. When I was out of the building and out at the KL street, I actually thought I was having fresh air (imagine I was standing at Jalan Sultan Ismail and the air was definitely fresher!!)

2. It was sooooo noisy
I almost think my eardrum was going to burst. Guess my threshold was real low as all the smoke & noise almost made my head going thump, thump, thump together with the music.

3. Don’t tell me it’s good place for socializing
I can barely hear what my friend is saying. So I guess if someone is saying club/disco is a great place to pick up a girl or something. It’s something to be salute about as the person must’ve good patience. It’s so loud that you probably have to repeat whatever you say a few times (unless you shout at the ear, which I don’t think a stranger would allow you to do that). The person would probably go “Pardon?” “Come again?” “I can’t hear you.”

4. For drinks?
Hmm… if I’m not wrong, its not that cheap to drink in such a place. Ok, ok… perhaps it’s the atmosphere that attracts. Then tell me, what’s so appealing? [I can almost hear my friend telling me, the girls are hot. Dressed to kill… well, perhaps, have to agree on that ;)]

Seriously, this is only what I thought and YOU! (yes, you) I know you go clubbing, do tell me why you like to go clubbing. :)


kimmie said...

Well, I dun like clubbing anymore... same reason as mentioned by you... maybe caused i am getting too old for that kind of stuff.... but i do like pubbing.... at least in a pub u get to hear what ur fren is talking about. pubs are a nice place to catch up with frens....and some pubs have live bands.... :)

nite said...

haha.. note that i wrote club/disco but i din write pubs.. yah, can hear ppl talking in pubs.

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