Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cause of stroke

While working...
Girl: Day, ask one question?
Day: Shoot!
Girl: Does your heart beats faster when you see the guy you are interest in?
Day: Hmm...does yours?
Girl: No worr...I don't have.
Day: too.
Girl: Funny why people would say that when it doesn't happen.
Day: Good thing that it didn't happen.
Girl: Huh? why is that?
Day: Imagine the guy coming at you at a distance, your heart start to beat he comes closer to you, your heart beat faster some bom bom.....later you faint how?
Girl: Huh? why faint?
Day: Stroke....and when you got yourself admitted to the hospital, the Drs ask what is the underlying cause of that would you answer? guy crushes heart?
Girl: Ermmm....and if i die..
Day: Then your death certificate will be - cause of death lovestruck
Girl: .....

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