Thursday, January 20, 2005

In bed...

I should watch my tongue whenever I say something, just 2 days ago, I wanted to get sick enough to get MC, and here I am sick in bed and well, yeah got that 2 days MC.

But then again, being sick is not as good as it was at first. Imagine having to rush to the toilet at wee hours in the morning and having your bowels cleaned, until there aren't anymore left to clean. Coughing until you wanted to tear your throat out and never to hear another cough cough sound again. Nose blocked and half deaf. Each time anyone say something, I would have to ask them to repeat, like an old lady "Speak up child, me ears not as good as it used to be." One look from the doctor already know that this isn't the normal illness which a simple panadol to do the trick. It is war time.

Armed with packets of tablets and cough syrup, went home feeling dead tired. Gulped those medication and found myself almost 'high'. Head felt light-headed and forever wanting to just curl up and go to bed. Now I know how the cat feel like sleeping almost 24 hours a day. Either I felt like I'm a cat or maybe it is the drugs that I'm taking that makes me feel like a drug addict. Numb and not wanting to bother with anything else apart from wanting to sleep. That was what happened yesterday and today.

Mouth kept feeling dry even though gallons of water had been drunk. I kept feeling very hot even though there aren't any temperature. Been sweating like a pig, yet not having any fever. Darn....well, at least there isn't extra tablet for me to swallow. Stomach growling yet not having any appetite to eat anything. Eventhough I had eaten something, the feeling of washing machine starts in my stomach. Arrgh! I just hope that the war will be over.

Well, I guess it is better to be sick and stay at home rather than showing my pathetic face in the office and risk having the virus spread all around huh?

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