Monday, February 21, 2005

2nd Wedding

I wonder if it’s just what or me… I begin to feel that I’m at the age where I’m getting more and more “red bomb”, or what you call wedding invitation. Well, this is why, the title – The 2nd Wedding :)

I have not been so prim and proper so ages. The last time I donned on a blouse and skirt or wore a dress was like… erm… I believe, in January 2003? Or was it January 2004? I think its 2003, my final year annual dinner Yes ;) , it was that long, cant believe that I was actually working for about 2 years? Wow…

Anyway, was invited to a wedding reception in Corus Hotel the last Saturday. My friend willing to fetch me there except on one little detail. I was not allowed to wear T-shirt and jeans, regardless if the T-shirt is new or the jeans is Levi’s. Another one even said that high possibility that I would not be allowed the entry if I am to wear that (I secretly think she is not telling the truth but I was good not to try that).

So the day came, I was exceptionally good girl as I wore a respectable blouse with a skirt, complete with high-heeled sandals. Yes, I can’t believe that I could be that prim and proper My friend came and the minute I opened the door of her Kembara, she stared at me, thought I wore slacks and she would order me to change. Well, I didn’t, thus was allowed to board the car. The “driver” even requested that I called Day to let her know that it is a must to wear skirt or dress. Otherwise, would not fetch her… Nope, I’m not lying…

Unfortunately, I have no proof or evidence for my word. Did not bring camera, though took a few pictures but doubt that I would get the photos. Anyhow, anyway, Day can vouch for me, should there be anyone open their mouth with disbelieve that I actually did behave prim and proper.

Final word, nutritionist did put their knowledge to good use, look pretty with slim figure. Some of them just look stunningly beautiful :)

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