Monday, February 07, 2005

Shopping Ordeal

Yesterday went to this departmental store so big that it is bigger than the golf course. I thought surely this place will have parking space. Sure enough got one hahahaha....I'm beginning to think that half of the people living here had left somewhere out there. Nice...only me and me to do rushing, no pulling hair, no screaming, no waiting.... :D

Boy, boy was I wrong.....everything which I wished for ALL didn't come. One step in the mall, whoosh! people running here running there. I though I can do my groceries in peace....trolley also don't have. How? How? Had been carrying those canned mushrooms and something black and ugly thing for so long. Poor me, my mum must have thought that I'm the trolley. "Can take one, can take one. One more!" Tangan patah already still one more! Thank God, daddy had a pity on me. Stood that the cash register...who left their empty trolley unguarded, he look left and right....and like lightning, trolley gone! When the trolley came, I just dump the cans...don't care if it dented in the end or not. RUN! Was running so fast that my mum had to call me on my irritable handphone. Should had left that thing back home!

Mum: Where are you?
Day: Hehehe....toilet.
Mum: Come back...need to buy some more push trolley.
Day: But mummy....need to get clothes. If don't buy now, the shop will close.
Mum: Hmmph! ok ok....go get clothes.
Day: (yes!)

I thought I can escape. Sob Sob.....very wrong! The clothes section packed with people. Why, oh why do people do last minute shopping? Go home....Holidays already here....Go back to your home! Stay with your family, cousins, aunties, uncles! Go away, go far far away! Don't come out! whhhyyyyy???

Sighing.....went round to see the clothes....people jam pack like mad. Saw one lady taking almost the whole stack of clothes waiting for the dressing room. Aiyoh....buying like it is free. I thought it was, for a moment after I saw her. Double checked my clothings, hoping to see the word FREE there. Nope......instead marked RMXXX with no discount some more.

Lined up in front of the changing room is like doing your IC or doing your passport. I think doing passport and IC also faster. What is wrong with these people? Changing room is meant for changing, not for admiring! Change, see not nice, take out. Change again, nice, take. No need to turn here turn there like model. Sooo looonnnggg......perhaps the clothes too pretty until they faint? Or may they are tired and fell asleep? Cannot take it? Dunno....crazy ideas start to form in my mind. Sleeping arr? When the person finally come out from the changing room, I can really feel the people lining up throwing dagger stares. Me quickly go in, try on the pants, and top. Turn, turn...nice....ok! Take!

And that is only one set of clothes. Wanted to search for another...but got scared seeing the stampede of people. Lined up to pay.....almost faint when I found that the line almost reached the doorway. Each of them holding half of the department clothes. So cheap meh? Look again at my purchase...nope.Not mine....Where in the world did they get those cheap clothes?! Must be at that corner where everyone is crowding around.....Unbelievable!

When I finally reach the counter, the poor poor cashier...I think she will have recurring nightmares of this day. She had that face that say 'Go home, don't buy anymore! Or I'll scratch your face kau kau' I think her index finger got blisters, maybe finger pain. To think when I present her my vouchers for the purchase, she almost wanted to puke. That counter doesn't have any bar scanner, thus she had to key in the code number. I smiled sweetly at her, while she probably be sending curses at me with her eyes.

Passing my purchases, she didnt' even say thank you. Hmmph! Customer service, kononnya. Exhausted, finally found my parents with a trolley full of stuff. Walk far far the car. I think someone must have shifted the car. Don't think it was so far away form the entrance when we first arrived. But nevertheless, FINALLY reached home from the shopping nightmare! Whew..

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