Monday, February 07, 2005


Had had the whole Saturday shifting from one company to another. Not me personally, but the WHOLE company. Very early in the morning, I went to the new building through public transport. The managers comforted us that the walk from the train to the new building isn't very far. I walked and walked on this never seem to end journey, started to perspire. Luckily the sun decided to say hello later that day.

Finally reached the building, went to the floor I thought we should gather....found no one except Dino. Only the both of us, ON TIME. Where is the rest of them? Stucked in the toilet? Traffic jam? miscommunication? Where? where? where? Dino and I went to do some exploring, walked walked walked......pantry next to the toilet? Aiyah....Went upstairs, found ok, the rest of them hanging there. Saw nasi lemak...yum eat!

We went for briefing, went rounding the office. Suddenly handphone rang! Movers are here.....panic arise. where? where? Boxes and boxes started pouring out...only 2 movers??!!! what time are we going home? Tomorrow? Anyway, we walked them to the repsective places. Note the word WALK. and that was what we had been doing the whole day. WALK.

Then lunch came and we went up again, and eat out stomachs full of leftovers. Some people just don't wait for the rest before they started their lunch. Poor Dino and me, had to be content with the meager leftovers.

By now the movers already knew their way around. Started to be independent. Been telling us to sit and watch, no need to walk. They even knew how to read labels! Wanted to argue with Dino when one of the movers found that the label is different with the name plate on the desk. Then all the movers were guessing what was stored in one of the managers' boxed. She had 6 boxes all together, all of them super heavy. "Apa dia bawak? Pinggan mangkuk ka? Periuk?" When they found out that piggy had 10 boxes, they almost faint. "Ini budak pindah rumah ke, pindah ofis? Apa dia masuk kat dalam kotak? Tempat pun tak cukup sama dia letak."

After hours and endless hours of showing them where the places was. Counter checking the number of boxes shifted, tallying the number of boxes sent. FINALLY we went up to have our pizza for tea. But what was left was sob sob only garlic bread! For the 4 of us. Found out that the rest of them sneak up earlier and ate all the pizzas! Sigh...ungrateful gluttons! But we are too tired to argue, only gave our sad looking, not working puppy eyes to our supervisor, the supervisor didn't even flinch at our attempt.

Went home just to be greeted by the night. Blissful night, dropped into the bed and zzzzz........don't wake me up even if the sun rises up!

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Little P (oo) said...

HAHA.........piggy won 2 awards that day
1. The most boxes
2. The most PCs

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