Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hey! I Own An Antique ;)

“It can’t even load my Barbie game!”
- my 4 years old niece

“It deserved to be framed & put up in the museum!!”
- my friend who got the shock of his life

Okay, behold, I own an antique! That’s what my friend, D just told me. He has repeatedly told me that I should have it over to him and he will help me put it in glass and donate it to the museum. I started the conversation innocently by saying that I need a PC. He is those tech savvy guy, when conversation on computers and graphics, each and every sentence will have to those technical jargon that I really don’t understand and give him those blur look. It’s like this…

Me: Ei, I really need a PC
D: Why?
Me: Erm, it’s a bit old and I need a new one. It’s a Pentium Pro Processor with 180 MHz, with 96.0 MB RAM
D: What?? Is it decade old yet? Is there still something with 180 MHz?
Me: That’s why I need a new one lor
D: Can it run anything??
Me: Windows 98 with Microsoft 97
D: Obviously it can’t load XP
Me: It doesn’t have even the basic games like minesweeper or solitaire…
D: It’s already a miracle that it can run. Can use one ah? What else you got?
Me: Got autocad lor
D: Who use?
Me: My sis
D: She got do business ah?
Me: No lar…
D: Lucky…
Me: Why?
D: Draw one line & wait for 6 hours ah?
Me: Er… about that lar …hahah. My niece even complained that the PC cacat cos can’t even load her Barbie computer game.
D: You got read the “Minimum requirements” stated at the disc or not? That kind of game ah, need Windows XP one.
Me: Hahaha… Then, the mouse & keyboard, still using the pin one lor..
D: Hahaha… you tell that to the guy who sells PC, he will pity you and give you free keyboard and mouse. Some more will tell you, if you need anything, please, please go to his shop and buy, he will give discount
Me: Serious ah?
D: Ya lar… come, come… I bring you to the computer shop, it’s kind of like those in Low Yat, but mini
Me: Here got ah? (Btw, we are in Mid Valley)
D: Yah… you never been there ah?
Me: Nope… how long as the shops been here?
D: It has been here for at least 3 to 4 years liao lor…
Me:… hmm… (I’m speechless, cos he just came back from Australia… hahah and I didn’t even know the existence of those shops :þ)

So, we go inside those shops and browse while he asking the shop assistant some questions using words that I don’t understand again. Hmm…
Well, that’s the story on how after so many years, I suddenly found out that I actually own a piece of antique.

“Email me when you have PC” That’s the last words before I left for home… hahaha.. funny…

P/s: After this talk with my friend, I have made a resolution to buck up my computer vocabulary and knowledge. Pray my determination will last. (Higher chance if I see him more often :D)

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