Wednesday, February 16, 2005


It is now 9.15pm, 14 Feb 2005. As i write this, i'm having a slight headache, a little discomfort or rather experiencing slight epigastric pain. Must be the late dinner. I had just finished washing the dishes. Considered taking gelusil if it worsen. Also at this time, i'm having unilateral right left knee sore. Wonder if it's a "good" sign as my muscles tend to sore when i'm falling sick. Do i see MC tomorrow? Perhaps i shouldn't be so hopeful.

Story begins an hour earlier, out of the blur, it rains!! And at the time when i dont want it to come! i was half roasted back at my hometown. How could it rain now? Especially when i only go to work using this "metal horse" of mine. Somemore right in the evening. Argghh... i've to go through all those drenched spells again.

Ha.. choo.. (3 times) - sign of my MC coming? or just someone cursing me. I have been nice all these while... so people shouldnt be cursing right?

Till then, while i still hoping for a MC. Maybe should stay up a little late to aggravate the outcome ;)

And, i worked yesterday.... no MC in view...

Btw, i had a sms from a friend saying - "happiness isnt the easiet to find, but one place you are guaranteed to find. It is in a friend's LOVE"
So there, Happy Valentine's Day (Though when i post this up, already belated)


Little P (oo) said...

bet grandpa give it to you rite?

nite said...

yah.. grandpa give one

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