Sunday, July 17, 2005


I'm out of service standard!!! Erm, not that i give myself a service level to keep track... but in a way, i'm having some books & VCDs have yet watched. Its nice in a way that I have things to do finally, thanks to everybody who contributes as i remember lamenting, no books, no VCDs and nowhere to go...

My pending tasks are:-


  1. Soul Harvest by Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins -- the 4th book of a series, the Left Behind, Tribulation Force and Nicolae (I left it in the office.. for a few days...)
  2. Savage, Ascension and Beginnings by Kelly Armstrong -- highly recommended by Piggy & Chu Chai (i have yet read as Piggy said must only read during weekends as i'll be hooked and this weekend had to work and some things to do. Still dare not touch... )
  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -- have to admit that i'm not that enthusiatic about this release as begin to think that it is a little too long already and that the first few books seems like a better read. Also, perhaps of the long story, there are a few things that seems contradicting in a way. Yet, since I have the past few books and was said that HP would be in school for 7 days, so shouldnt be a lot more to go. Besides, i can deduct for income tax ;)
  4. 魔帝-- i think there is 10 books of the comic. Have not started on it yet.. so wont be addicted yet :)

VCDs/and the likes

  1. A step into the past (Cantonease - as "Cham Chun Kei") -- there are 40 episodes of it. I dont exactly remember at which episode i stopped but due to some error which i cannot identified, i can play it using the DVD player, only can use PC to watch. Jie Jie works very hard which includes weekends, so a little hard to watch
  2. Naruto anime -- this one i foresee will finish watching faster as i'm having withdrawal symptoms of waiting for the next episode of the hard copy manga :)

So there, i shall categorized priority for the pending tasks and hope to clear the backlog soon :þ

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