Thursday, July 28, 2005

I've found it ;)

I've found it! After looking high and low, shops after shops, supermarket after supermarket, and i found it, practically like "behind my own backyard".

I've been to Extra, Carrefour, Watson, JJ and endless chinese herb shops (they usually sell grocery as well), also Verb and Piggy has been so nice as to upkeep with my craziness. Practically its like i've been looking for it at every possible shop. BUT, there is anywhere. I have it figured out, if i really cannot find it... i guess i can more likely find it at my hometown in A/S. ;)
I'll have to go home sometime.

Just now, Piggy coming over to my place and decided to stop by this big mini market (am i making sense? its a mini market but big kind) to grab something. And as usual, i would just casually tell her - i want to look for it and guess what? I found it! I found it! and it's somewhere near my house, ironic how things turn out to be yah?

Well, here it is... feast your eyes on... lobster crisp...hehehe

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verb said...

hey,i remember the packaging is not like this one,last time..

nite said...

yah.. i remember its different oso.. but beats nothing.. ;)

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