Thursday, July 21, 2005

Human Nature

Disclaimer 1: Ini hanyalah rekaan semata-mata, tiada berkaitan dengan hidup atau mati. Jika ada, ia hanyalah kebetulan sahaja.

Disclaimer 2: It is advisable to note that I have practice "Dont let the sun sets upon your anger" and that i had had a very good Thai food before this.

*Take a deep breath...*
... Some things happen last few days, things that i am not thrilled over. In fact, it had made me realise, no matter what it is, it is just what we call human nature. Yet, it is disheartening to see that people whom all the while you have the best compliments for, would also have a side that you dont exactly appreciate.

Of course, perhaps i was not tactful enough. After all, i was the one sent & compulsory to attend some Building Championship Team training. In the training, we were thought on how to give effective feedback, in order to avoid negative response. Funnily this training actually got me into thinking - which is pretty true that it is kind of a subconsciousness reaction that if you think someone accuses you, you would turn defensive. If you think someone is correcting you with your best interest in mind, then by all means, i wouldnt think anyone would be less grateful.

... i have no idea how this post took its course to there and i somehow unable to put a finishing touch to it... so, shall left it hanging...

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