Monday, July 25, 2005

Tribute to a Plunger

Whoever come out with the invention of plunger - applause. *Clap clap*
I am trying to the inventor or creator his/her credit. I actually go surf a bit to find out who actually come out with it. And yes, i am not so hebat as would know this thing is actually call a plunger. I would have call it toilet pump or something like that...

Anyway, due to some plumbing error at the place i stay, this plunger thingy is becoming so important. Once in a while, a rather frequent while that the toilet would get clogged up. I had just spent quite awhile to pump/unclogged it... Still it is only very temporary and i noted that its has yet fully un-clogged. So i shall be very, very, very grateful if some plumber able to fix it, i would not hesistate to tribute a blog to the plumber as well :D

Btw, if you cannot get this post and dont know what a plunger is, just google up - plunger+image.. and you will get the image ;)

1 comment:

Little P (oo) said...

if u manage to find a plumber pls, ask him come to my house too.....washine machine broke down.... ~~sob~~

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