Saturday, August 27, 2005


Nice name? What is the first thing comes to your mind? Sophisticated, gentle, sweet, pretty girl? Hehe.. i dont know. I seriously dont know. I picked up the name from a book that i read ages ago in my hometown public library. No pictures at all. Only words :p

Setting of the story was during the knight era. This Alanna inspires to be a knight but of course at the time, females are only allowed to knit, and all those very prim and proper things. On the other hand, her bro Thom was to be send to train to become a knight, yet he doesnt has the "thing" of becoming one. Instead opt to be a wizard. So they tried to kind of come up with a plan where Alanna could undergo the necessary training to be a knight and Thom wizardry.

There, Alanna disguised herself with the name Alan. (not bad eh). anyway, its really kind of entertaining book. But of course, sad to say, the public library did not have the full set of it. Only 2 books, and it was kind of hanging half way. But i have never come across the book in anywhere.

So, i was really surprise when i saw the book in MPH the other day. The best thing was, if i am to buy 2 books, i get another book free. There is 4 books all together - so buying 4 books and get 2 free. Or in another words, i only need to buy 2 books, i get the 3rd book free. At the most, i buy another 1 or 2 more and get another free (huh? what was i saying?)

erm, lets try it this way
  • Buy Book 1+ Book 2 -- get Book 3
  • Buy Book 4 + another book (a) -- get another book (b)

Now you understand what i'm trying to say? And anyway, my hometown friend was with me then and she read the book too but only manage to find Book 1. I'm a bit luckier, read book 1 & 2. So we could actually share (so everybody happy)

Ahhh... but it was not to be. Imagine the dismay when we found out that...

  • Buy Book 1 + Book 2 -- get a book from the Charmed series free
  • Buy Book 3 + Book 4 -- probably get the SAME Charmed series free

So... in the end didnt buy lor. Its not that i have anything against Charmed. Its just... a wee bit disappointing... hmm... wait till i have more $$ to splash around. In the meantime, pls keep me away from MPH (just in case, i cannot stand the temptation) :p

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