Monday, August 22, 2005


A friend of mine made a stalker today. Caused me and nite too. 5 minutes stalker. Started off innocently....

Day: Am going to ask M to introduce me to Jien.
A: Jien? Why he?
Day: Cause he is adorable (gushing....)
A: Bbuut he is already 30++. so old!
Day: Where got?? Less than 30 lerr...
A: Yes la.

Day go ask nite: How old is Jien?
Nite: dunno why?
Day: This friend of mine lorr....say he is old..where got old? See face also know he is less than 30.

Day then tell A: I go google him.

And start that 5 minutes stalking. Can't find his profile..haha...not famous enough.
Then at last found that Jien indeed is 30+ haha in another blog. Pretty funny that blog. So added her link into ours....

mm....stalker can be quite fun. hahaha...

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flyngie said...

haha..stalker!i think someone should create a fan club for him.. or to store all his particular in it. haha

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