Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's a bird,it's a plane...

It's... i cant see. Reason? If you are here, in Malaysia. Then you will know what i mean. Look outside your window. Can you see anything? What happen to the tall & "lanky" KLCC?? Disappear? David Copperfield at work? Nay, no such thing. Just that our neighbour is have some burning going on and we are just sharing the not-as-nice-as-BBQ-smoke air.

Anyway, its just another day. Where people always say if its a bad day, just take a deep breath, take a look at the beautiful flowers along the way, instead it is now - DO NOT take a deep breath (for your health sake) and flowers? Cant see - too hazy.

Well, i came with my motorbike today. Initially i can see the KLCC on my way via Sungai Besi. A few days ago - can see half of it but today - no at all. Like a piece of flat land. Unlike other days, i could feel my eyes itchy and a littly teary. (Nope, there is nothing nostalgic, so i'm was not crying)

Believe me? No? Well, at the end of day - go out of whatever building you are in. Inhale as much as you can, see if you can smell of the smoke, and who knows, you might get a day or two of MC. No proof guarantee though... :รพ

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