Friday, August 05, 2005

A Quick & Dirty IQ Test???

I dont really understand the title of the test, quick and IQ i can get it but dirty? Hmmm... *ponder ponder* where's the dirty part? Honestly i do have this "thing" on quizzes, haha, just like to complete them, erm... must be my curiosity. People say curiosity kills a cat, wonder if it does work.

Ok ok, i dont want to make myself against any cat lovers or what but i do have some grudges with cats.
  1. A cat causes me most scars on my body, including the keloid (A red, raised formation of fibrous scar tissue caused by excessive tissue repair in response to trauma or surgical incision) on my right knee
  2. I was being chased up & down, in & out, everywhere by this cat during camping years ago as the egg i pocketed crushed and stained my pants and that was the last pair of pants i had. (and yes, it was dreadful & digusting as it also generated out some foul smell)
  3. I had experienced of being stalked by a small kitten, following my friend and me everywhere. I have no idea as to why both of us were afraid of the kitten but yah, in a way, i was scared. :รพ
  4. My alleged ex-bf was nickname "cat". Some similarity with his name... hahah.. nay, if you are thinking if i'm still sore over that.. nope... nil, zilch...

Back to the quiz, i am glad that my maths still sticks to me, after all these years. And i solemnly confess - i even the calculator for 1+1 calculation. haha...

Your IQ Is 110

Your Logical Intelligence is Above Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Average


kimmie said...

Hei... remember that cat that used to hunt fong in class everyday???? That was so bloody funny.... I wonder if it's still around.... nah... it has been like 8 years oredi..... hmmm..... can't really reacll the name we gave to that cat......

nite said...

yah.. probably not there liao..
but i remember the name we gave - thompson ;)

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