Monday, August 01, 2005

Breakfast is meant to be skipped if cannot wake up :þ

This post is a day late. Reason being i spent most time of the day SLEEPING.
The story begins like this...

I slept at 3.30 am on Sunday and anticipating that i can sleep in on Sunday. The day before which is Saturday, Dino & Piggy already ajak me out to eat dim sum at Pearl Hotel. I was not thrilled to go cos ...

  1. I am totally broke and overbudget for July (sigh...)
  2. I want to sleep and sleep and sleep

Happily logged off my pc at 3.30 am that day and shut my handphone. Unfortunately, ages ago i emailed them my house phone number and you know what? Piggy rang my house phone NON-STOP, successfully waking me up and drag me out for dim sum (Read: Verb, dont you dare laugh or i shall wake u up in the middle of the night :þ)

Knowing the fact that Piggy & Dino would probably call again if i go back to sleep. I was so good and dragged myself to the bathroom, even wash my hair to kill the sleepy look. No sleepy look but still drown in Dreamland, i changed my clothes and only realise i forgot to brush my teeth. Anyway, make my way to destination.

Half way eating, suddenly feel like dropping by Popular Bookstore and checked my wallet. Oh NO... not there!! Did i drop it on the floor? *Squat down & look look* (Piggy said the way i squat got ala ninja in Naruto :þ) No?? Argghh.. I dont want to experience the agony of going to few police stations to lodge report again. D*rn!! Funnily my hp still in pocket and rang my sister, she confirmed wallet at home... phew!

Happily finishing dim sum with sleepy eyes and safely reached home and sleep all the way till 7.30 pm. That explains as to why didnt blog this up earlier :)

Erm.. wanted to blog up some pictures but i forgot where Dino load it... still sleepy.. hahaha...

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