Sunday, April 08, 2007

Last day of training

Day 5 of training. As Friday was the last day of training, it was scheduled to end at 3 pm after another lunch :) We had our last lunch together at a hotel in Cyberport before went back to hotel to put down that big file.

As friend wanted to go meet up with his wife & mother-in-law and I wanted to continue my unfruitful hunt of anime figurines at Mongkok. So I left hotel alone, taking the tramway to Central before changed to MTR and got off from Mongkok.
(If you ever realise, I have never board a minibus. Reason is very simple, I never know where to shout for, "please stop, need to get down")

I round and round Mongkok and found those really, really, really nice figurines but it was too expensive. Sigh... oh well.. you got it right, I didnt buy any. Thereafter, I walked to Fa Yuen street, Goldfish Market, Ladies Market and Temple Street. It was rather late and I missed the opening time of Jade Market, Flower Market and Bird Street. (The Flower Market and Bird Street, I went another day but didnt get around to peek at the Jade Market. Not that I want to buy anything from the Jade Market anyway :P)

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~ Fruit stall in Fa Yuen street

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~ Packets of fishes in Goldfish Market (it is parelel to Fa Yuen Street)

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~ Stalls after stalls in Ladies Market

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~ Rows and rows of fortune teller in Temple Street

Side note: Fa Yuen street is a morning market, hence it closes early about 9 pm. It has a very wide range of things selling including nice clothes, knick knacks, toys... very nice place :P

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