Sunday, April 08, 2007

Walking alone in Sheung Wan

Day 4 of training. Friend's wife and mother-in-law came from Malaysia to join him. I'm being nice and stay away from being a light bulb, decided to roam by myself. As the previous nights we reached hotel rather late and I noticed I was drinking more coffee than usual, I decided to retire to bed earlier. Hence only roam at Sheung Wan.

Taking the bus together with friend, he getting off at Central and me got down at Western Market. From there, I just walked all the way back to hotel. Its really not far... but took me awhile as I went in all the convenience shops along the way :P

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~ Western Market at night... taking from an overhead bridge

Had a quiet night where I had a wantan mee for dinner opposite the hotel I stayed, and redeemed the welcoming drink while reading Lonely Planet ;)

Side note: Sheung Wan is really quiet at night where shops closed really early.

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