Thursday, May 27, 2004

The eye of the motorcyclist

Why ride motorcycles?

1. It is fast, can beat the traffic jam. Probably cut short the journey by half
Ever seen people whoosh in and out of cars? The first reason is that it does look kind of stupid if motorcycle stopped behind a car when it can actually pass through. 2nd reason is that cars actually do honk at motorcycles if they believe that the certain motorcycle can pass through.

2. Saves petrol, full tank is only about RM 4
Yup, of course RM 4 cannot last you from JB to KL or KL to Perlis. Anyhow, I think RM 4 can last a trip from KL to Bangi… probably further. But you don’t travel so far everyday, do you??

3. Saves $$, don’t have to pay toll :)
Remember I mentioned that travelling from my place to my eldest sister’s actually need to pass 2 tolls? If I take my bike… I don’t have to pay both of them. I think I once read this comic that says, if you have $$ to buy a car, then you will have $$ to pay for toll :)

4. It is airy, at night when there are fewer cars…

Of course, no one ask you to take your motorbike to Puduraya where it is always fumey and smokey. Or park your bike near some garbage truck. But generally, riding at night is more airy and when it is really late at night… windy and cool :)
However, do caution, Malaysia is not very safe at night. Careful….

Why not ride motorcycles?

1. Raining!!
You will get soak wet… water literally dripping from your clothes

Imagine you are walking between two fountains that actually splashes water to side instead of up/down. Also the roads are kind of low – creating puddles. So you get free wash – side (from cars from both side), up (the rain) & down (puddles) :)

2. Potholes!!!
There are so many of them that I certainly think there is no 1 single road in Malaysia that is free from potholes! And somehow I have a very high tendency to cross one.
Let’s see… how many things have dropped from my bike because of potholes – plate number, back lights, screws from nowhere… I can never get it, for instance – Jalan Ampang where you can find embassy yet the road is really that bad… holes in front, side, if not hole, then its not smooth… accident danger point

3. Snatch thieves
Thieves snatching things from your motorbike basket is not an uncommon thing. I even had my jacket grabbed the same way… and imagine that I was riding at 80 km/hr… I admit, Malaysian motorcyclists have high skills.

Actually what got me into writing this was due to the high frequency of me meeting potholes. Gosh, every single time my bike cross over a pothole I would thought, “Luckily I didn’t fall” or “I think it’s about time I check my bike again.” My loyal companion has nevertheless crosses so many potholes that it really has aged… thus, now making sounds every now and then. And of course, my heart do ache, though I know it seem funny… after all it is a motorbike… but it has been with me for so long, that yah, to me it is a very loyal companion.

Also, wanted to write from the view of car drivers too, however, I don’t think I actually qualified to write it as I seldom drive unless really need to. Thus, driving is not my cup of tea currently, but you never know in the near future :)

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