Saturday, May 08, 2004

Home $weet Home :)

Went home the my hometown, the one which recently got an upgraded status...yet, still home sweet home.
It certainly was really nice to be back home...with cheap food (especially) - where can you get char keow teow, otak-otak and fresh orange juice all for less than RM 5 (yes, you still get 50 cents back)... and where else would you get to buy laksa for RM 5 and enough for 4 person to eat? ...haha..that's hometown, not forgetting that there is NO traffic jam. People there referring traffic jam as taking more than 15 minutes to reach your destination using 60 km/hr... :)

Anyway, went home for 2 days and off to Langkawi Island for another 3 days 2 night before taking another 6 hours plus bus ride back to KL. Unfortunately, the sky is not friendly during my stay in the more & more commercialized island. Its was pouring & pouring when we were outdoor but shine when we were indoor at the Underwater World. Funny...

It is only about 75 minutes boat ride from a economy mainland but things there are not cheap...perhaps except for liquor & beer which significantly showed that we are paying a lot for the duty. I think its about 5 times cheaper and its almost like a sin if not drink? ... haha...
anyhow, hols is over...and things back to normal...working 8-5 (if lucky) :)

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