Tuesday, November 09, 2004


At times when things go gloom,
Then people will say "All's doom",
But it is just the matter of perspective,
Perhaps just being too narrative?,

Weather reflected what was written,
Maybe boredom was what we had been bitten,
Should that be a reason,
For things we wanted to be decent?

Other people said that we are sad,
Are we sad? Or are we just being 'bad'?
Not wanting to share of our joy,
Maybe that is the thing we wanted to ploy?

Ok, ok...we will cheer up,
Even though the rain don't seem to let up,
Perhaps we are just waiting for the sunshine,
Until then do treat us well and kind :p

So let day be day,
And nite continue to be nite,
Soon the gloom will go far far away,
This is what makes us special, isn't it rite? :D

1 comment:

Little P (oo) said...

u guys are really gloom
maybe just need to see some blooms
i'll back off, give u some room
1 week rest, then blog with oophm


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