Friday, November 12, 2004

What would U call it?

I'm having this problem which I don't and can't describe what it is. It isn't restlesscarcinoma as nite had the last time. I'm beginning to think that it is a whole new disease all together. Thus I try to come out with a couple of names that may somehow relate to it.

It all started when I'm doing some testing on something - you can call it experiment. An assignment. Anything. Then the head wtill start to probe. Vision began to swim. Body begin to start restless. And chewing the gum - bubble gum some more doesn't help to distract the screaming that say - STOP DOING AND GO HOME! Thus this IS critical...and it needed a name to describe it see? Thus came a whole string of ideas of what that name may come out to be.
Could it be - testisitis? - nite said that it sounded more like inflammed testis.

What about testalgia? - nite said more like painful testis, like someone had kicked it - ouch!

hmm...then i thought maybe it could be cranionitis? - head inflammed? sounded not nice at all.

Then I thought - perhaps bortestalgia - some weird language.

How about - sleepitesbornitis? cool?

And ermm.....whatever.

The clock is ticking, the long arm is almost pointing to the number which I can free myself. You know what? I may be cured the minute it does!

But it would be cool if you can think of a name for that acute disease thingy. Any takers?


nite said...

day, how about testingopathy? (think this one still sounds like testis..haha)
Or craniotestpathy?

Little P (oo) said...

I got a better one, why not use, lazism...better and more accurate

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