Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Oh, How I hate!

Grr.....somebody made me REAL mad today. Apart from being an insensitive pig, I had never seen such a arrogant, cocky fellow. A real pretense and a fake.

And all these isn't just from that single incident, that single episode that the person did. I guess it accumulated and errupted today. People say that the fella is a good person. And being the person that I am, everyone is good and nice. Oh boy oh boy....I think this is ever the first! The first to ever think that a person could be bad. And I've grown even to hate that person....God have mercy on me!

But yet I wonder how could you ever not dislike a person who had subconsiously ridiculed the occupation which you work as? Thank God there is someone respectful to tell that person off. How could you not learn to detest the fella who always act superior and treat you with disrespect and with inferiority? And I'm thoroughly amazed at how insincere, half hearted, shifty and deceitful the word "I'm sorry" were uttered. And people say the fella is a good person. Am I the only one being discriminated and being bullied here? Why would people say good when I don't even see even a tiny hint of it? Am I missing something here?

Someone ask me will I be mad for long. I wouldn't waste my anger on someone like this person. Being angry wouldn't do much comfort and be a waste of my emotions. Better to do something constructive, like shutting that person and breaking whatever means of connection. Talk also need to talk to my hand.

What does the fella did that make me pissed me off so? Geesh...don't even bothered to tell. That fella is just being a spoilt brat!

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Little P (oo) said...

we gave him the pizza
hope he got cirit birit

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