Monday, November 08, 2004

Unfruitful day?... almost...

Woke up in the morning and found a piece of paper on the table. My sister left me a to-do list. Or rather, not to forget list. After looking at it, I decided to add a few more to it. Got ready to go out, it was rather rare that I do not work on Saturdays as well, so better make a good use of it. Planned out my route and off to the other end of the town.

Reached there, saw this big sign on the door – OUT FOR MEETING, will be back at 10.45 am. Hmm… wrong time, but looking at my watch, only another half an hour to go, might as well wait, rather than make another trip over. Besides, I have yet taken my breakfast and armed with newspaper, definitely take me more than 30 minutes.

11 am, hmm… still OUT FOR MEETING. Okie, I reasoned, traffic jam, overrunning meeting…Ah… finally, he was back. The other bomb shell… I was told I was supposed to bring both the receipt and the pass. D*rn. I practically only use probably only 1% of my brain, where’s the other 99% to help me remember that little piece of paper. I didn’t cross the whole town in a Saturday morning to eat roti canai & drink teh tarik. I feel like biting my own head off. Next week it’s close due to the double celebration. I have to cross the town again the week after… sheesh…

There’s about 10 items in the list and I have spent the whole hour plus waiting for nothing. Dropped by the locksmith shop, he practically duplicated a “wrong key”. Wrong as in, the duplicated key can’t even go in the hole. He was a rather chatty person; attended to 2 customers who came in after me just to talk… er… I’m making assumption but it seriously look like it. As if I’m that high PR person.

Well, ffind enough time to accomplish a few items on the list, but those highlighted IMPORTANT ones…err…not done… so, unfruitful day?

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