Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Call me GTD :p

What wonderful news i got today....been promoted to be a teacher. To kids!
Wonderful wonderful....imagine being able to play and tell stories and teach little kids not to grow up to be bad or corrupted. Creativity oozing out already on what to do with them.
I wonder why mothers would be frustrated on raising up kids. Probably because they had turned bratty? Nonetheless...this will be a wonderful adventure....when the kids are still innocent and young and CUTE! When they ask the most unusual things, and when they believe in angels and balloons dancing in the sky....when they can see things that we grown ups don't. When their imagination soar high up above the sky. What wonderful time will I be having travelling with them to the land where only they can see.
Teacher...what a wonderful privilege.
Call me me great teacher day...

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