Thursday, December 30, 2004

Is it 31st yet?

I believe day & me are as equally as tired as piggy, though not to the extend of eating facial scrub. Thus there are things that even without a crystal ball, i can foresee i would probably have or developed by the end of the year.

  1. Backache
    With such long hours sitting, yes, from practically 8 to 8, i foresee i'll probably need a MRI soon. Probably showed that i have disc prolapsed, bulging... All those pillows behind back, neck doesnt work. I have piggy's cat behind me, in several different positions but i guess i would have to start queuing up for the MRI.

  2. Allergy to words like go, go, go; waive; post; accept
    We got instant messages with "go, go, go" in about every half an hour. I think by the end of it, i dont want to go, go, go to anywhere, except to my bed and sleep, sleep and sleep.

  3. chickyphobia
    I dont know the exact correct term for it but gosh, imagine eating chicken everyday. My friend looks for drumstick each day, we work 7 days a week, meaning that she actually has eaten 7 drumstick, which is equivalent to 3.5 chicken. We contribute a lot to the poultry industry but hey, that does not mean that i wont have phobia.

  4. Allergy to the 3C - chilli, curry & chicken
    Yah, yah, already got chickphobia, and most of the food served to us were either cooked with chilli paste or curry.

Well, i sure hope that 31st is here soon. :)And without a crystal ball, i think the dinner tonight could be chicken again.


Day said...

Come on baby, cheer up!

Little P (oo) said...

1. think need a massuer more
2. already mumbling these words in sleep
3. occasionally a fish will swim in, but it taste like chicken, maybe its chicken paste in fish mould
4. yea the 3C.........horrible

Anonymous said...

well,its over now... darling,u r a suvivor.. :)

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