Thursday, June 24, 2004



Been having it for a few days, probably longer. At times it seemed to have vanished only to come back seconds later. How in the world do you get rid of this boredom?

Some equate boredom with nothing to do.

I don't think so. With tonnes of things at hand and mountains coming my way in the days ahead, I feel bored. When I do get a day of rest with nothing to do and to be able to sleep as long as I pleased, I feel bored. When I'm running around doing this and catching up with that I feel bored. When I'm brought to the most happening place aka pubs or disco, I feel bored.

What is happening? Can Life be as boring as it is now? Will holidays be able to get rid of it? I doubt it. It seemed to have also gone for a holiday when I went for one. Only it came tumbling back with double the intensity when holidaying is over. Could this be termed as lazyness? Possibly, could it? Maybe this is stress? How could that be? Each time I feel bored, I want to find more things to do. Nope, not stress. Stress is just temporal and pyschological. Not a disease.

Maybe...just maybe by writing this I could write the boredom off. No joking...I'm begining to think that this boredom thing is a malicious cancer. Maybe I'll call it Boredocarcinoma with no curable medication as of currently.

Maybe it is just me, or does anyone else out there caught this cancer as well?

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