Monday, June 28, 2004

Metastasis of boredocarcinoma

funny how things turn out.. day has got boredocarcinoma
But i'm in the worser state - being diagnosed of boredocarcinoma and it is in advance stage where it has metastasis - developing into restlessocarcinoma.

Dont really know what has gotten into me... it's like there is this wave inside me... and it is a very rough wave due to strong wind & bad weather, and i cant seem to calm myself. Found out that one of the most effective way is to just sit down and listen to someone talk.. well, cant afford to do that all the time, besides, who would have all the energy to talk to a hyperactive, restless, jumpy gal all the time.

Lucky that i have a found another way to let go of the steam.. at least temporarily - the alternative way was to get out.. wherever u want, and just walk pointlessly...
Well, at least it has cool of my steam there other way.. or would say, like chemotherapy, controlling the restlessocarcinoma.
As for the way to eradicate it.. i have yet to find.

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...hi.... me from alot of people blog these days...oyasumi

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