Monday, June 14, 2004


Death. Everyone will eventually end their life. Was it good? Was it just a passing of time? Had it accomplised its mission? Had it served its purpose?

Life. A gift that no one deserved. A gift come unexpected. A gift, so short, yet full of promises, hope, and dreams.

But...some often thinks of death. Oh..why don't i just disappear from this world? Oh..why do these things happened to me....I might as well die, then everything will be OK. heart is broken, I find no purpose to live....these thoughts passed their mind...passed their lips.

Question...why do such doom loom over their thoughts? why problems seeemed so big that they couldn't face it? Stupidity! Idiotic! Does everyone think that death could just solve the problem? Such selfishness! Such self-centeredness! Such simpleton! Such moron!

Hundreds and millions of people faced the angel of death everyday. Do they want to? Look beyond yourself! Look around you! People running to save their lives from bullets and bombs. People digging in search for food to fill their empty stomachs. People lying on the bed in the hospital,, doctor, save me. Don't give up on me!

And you think of slicing that knife across your wrist? And you think that a bottle of sleeping pills will solve everything? Such naivety.

Choices. Unwanted pregnancies. Abortions. Life was given to them. But was stolen from them even before they could even have a chance to fight for it. Don't they get a chance to live? don't they get a chance to see the world? One night of passion, one night of nincompoop....a murder was made. Excuses that feotus, a lump of tissues. No life. Then what are you made of?

I just read one depressing journal. 3 journals were posted. All about wanting to end her life. All about the promises that Lucifer made to her. A story? A thought? An influence?

Lucifer and Death is not a good combination.

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