Monday, June 21, 2004

The Ugly Side of Me… Literally :)

Went out with a friend a few days ago. He said something that though I am not thrill to admit, I shall give him the credit that he deserved…

Though I know that it is TRUE, gosh… I hate to admit it. The fact is that it has actually been there and has stay put since ages ago. It’s not that I’ve come to terms with it but more to I’m trying to be ignorant.

Anyway, today, I shall humble myself (another friend once told me that once in a while, we need to do something to humble ourselves… and yes, I am going to listen to her).

Ok… here goes, I’m going to reveal the really ugly side of me… physically, literally… So, people, don’t blink, read on, I don’t do this everyday.

1. I’m FAT
2. I slouch… badly
3. There’s never a day my face is free from zits, pimples and acne
4. I’ve got tummy
5. Flabby arms
6. Countless scars… from chicken pox (one or two), pimples (a lot more), accidents (big patches and definitely visible)
7. Fat legs
8. Unkept and bushy hair
9. Lousy look – which includes small eyes, big nose… which completely contradicts how people describe pretty faces… trust me… :)
10…. And yah, I conveniently forgot to mention that I’m d*mn short

Well, I know most of it is changeable… if I’m er… like determine and really trying to change it…
Unfortunately, the is a lazy bug haunting me… but that is another story :)

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