Monday, June 21, 2004

To a friend...

What do you feel when a friend or close friend is leaving you? Well, I am sure at least at one point of your life, your friend might be leaving… to further his/her studies, move, migrate… anything…

How do you feel? It’s like this certain person has enter your life, leave a footprint, but you know that you might not see him/her again, at least not in a short while. Yes, I know… there is such thing call letters, emails, telephones, instant messengers… but you would not know as things are never guaranteed to be the same again. People might choose not to write or call… perhaps too busy…. On the other hand, you yourself might have put off the phone call, the intention to keep in touch… I don’t know.

Another friend is leaving to start another chapter of his life. Guess I would not see him so often then. Funny how things turn out to be… somehow there is this feeling of emptiness when I know that he is leaving. Guess I am getting too comfortable in his company. But, he need not know.

I quote from Calvin & Hobbes, “Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.” We might not be the best of friends, but things really aren’t so scary when he is around. :)

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