Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Euro 2004

The Euro fever is here.. actually is already here for quite a while.
Though i really enjoy watching football, unfortunately the odd hours really got to me.
Somehow unable to really wake up and watch these days... and yes, i'm putting blame on the bella i'm taking to cure my cough.

Anyway, did try to wake up for the earlier games - like the England Switzerland match. But the sleepy bugs dragged me off to dreamland after the first half.
Did remember the better times when i really had time & energy to watch it. Seeing United winning matches actually brightens up days.. funny yah.. i got to be crazy

Anyway, yesterday England won the match against Croatia. Cheers to Rooney... for the 2 goals. It's funny that when you watch games within clubs.. you are actually supporting different players.. and when it comes to international level.. the players differs too. Guess, that is where it came in that you are actually supporting the club or country instead of the players... whatever...

Anyway, think the official website is really providing informative & up to dates details.. and i've enjoy reading the matches.. even though i have problem waking up to watch it ;)

Euro 2004 website - updates on the England - Croatia match

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