Saturday, October 09, 2004

Her father

A friend wrote this. I wonder how many guys would first go the father to tell them that they like their daugther?

So we met one day, unfamiliar, unintroduced,
For a while walked past the other,
The other’s name, we barely knew.
So long I looked but then, did not see,
Until that something happened, it happened to me

Tall, fair skinned, perfect posture
Subtly waved tresses, color not lackluster
Quiet, not really; perfect? No way!
But always wore a smile, which took my breath away

Then got to know each other,
Over time, became friends,
Laughed together, joked about,
Shared a chat over her fence.

Most times, at least, I felt I knew her
Yet at times, I wasn’t too sure
For one time she’d be interested, so it seemed
Other days with severe disinterest, she teemed.

And so resolved to clear my confusion,
To answer my interesting frustration
I sought the one to her most familiar,
I went to one with undeniable wisdom, stature
Who knew better? Who else?
Bravely, boldly, I talked to… her father

"So... you see, uncle, I think you know,
Although I’ve tried, only so hard, to keep it low
I hope so badly that I don’t provoke your anger,
But uncle… I really like your daughter"

"I know it’s strange that I came first to you,
It was the right thing, plus I didn’t know what to do
It’s alright not to answer, I know,
It’s already awkward as it is
But could you find it in your heart, to tell me an answer…

"So as I was saying… back to the story,
I think I love your daughter, she’s so very lovely
Since you’re both so close, would you happen to know?
Does she love me too? Did she tell you so?"

I prayed and I hoped, waited for his answer,
A day, then two, became a week, and after,
As relieved as I was, to get it off my chest,
Disturbed as I thought "He must be laughing so hard, at my naïve request"

The answer came, no less than a month late
‘Twas like the Holy Grail,
Descending from the pearly gates,
But disappointed I was when he broke it to me
"I know the answer, but I can’t tell you yet, you see"

Head down low, sighed first, and said,
"Why not? Why prolong the wait?"
"You know me; I’m not the kind,
Who’d leave your daughter in a ditch, nor a grind"

"Hear me out at least, hear my debate,
I just want to know - ill or otherwise - my fate.
So just tell me how it looks for me and your daughter…
After all, I think I love her"

In a polite manner, he sat me down on a stool
"You think you love her? You really think you do?"
"How do I know that’s the truth? How can I be sure?
For at least a thousand have professed it, perhaps a million, no fewer"

"You see, love is not just a word, it’s a lot of things;
Being kind, humble, or waiting till the fat lady sings.
Polite, forgiving, no jealousy involved,
Not self seeking, love searches no reward.
Trusts and protects, in truth it rejoices
Never fails, though threatened, and torn to pieces"

"You, son, even for an answer,
Patience you could hardly even muster
In your conversations you showed to be self seeking,
The times you said "me" in our conversations
Only hundred and forty eight… and still counting!"

"Just from our short chat, you’ve failed miserably,
So how could you have claimed to love, so easily?
If you really love her, then learn how to wait,
And learn what is love, like what my word said"

"Pray for her, though she may never know you’re praying,
But it doesn’t matter; who said love was rewarding?
And just be honest, be who you are; a friend,
Even when dating is becoming such a big trend"

He spoke in a gentle voice, far from rebuking,
Yet when he finished I found myself crying
Sobbed and ill-composed, I promised as I stood there,
To wait, and be patient, and for her…
This was my prayer:

"I pray to you Lord, that you would give her,
Everything good, nothing worse, only better.
Please bless her parents, her siblings, and her home too
May it be peaceful, and may she never feel blue"

"May you guide her path, in love and life,
Take away, Lord, all her suffering and strife.
I pray that you’ll protect her, all night, all day
And please help her always walk in your way"

"Keep her from evil, from every lurking one,
Even protect her from me, if evil I become.
And last of all, father, please love her always,
Keep her safe; bless her, all of her days"

And so I looked up, still sobbing and all…
There stood her father, smiling, stood tall
"By the way, don’t call me uncle - spare me"
"For I am your heavenly father, as I am, of she"


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