Friday, October 01, 2004

It is finished!

Yesterday was like the most exicting thing that had happened. And can you believe it that it revolves work? Me and Nite had been in the office, after spending about 16 hours in front of the computer, apart from keeping each other sane and stuff. Finally saw the day break. It was too bad that Nite had to go home than staying with the rest of us. But nevertheless....all of us had a great time sleeping in the bed till the sun screamed at our face to wake us up! :p

Working is fun yesterday, couldn't believe that I would say this, but working yesterday for the whole night long was fun...i guess it was more relaxed and people around us getting crazy any all. Brought the workload abit more at ease. Wouldn't you think so night?

We had reached and accomplished what we had worked for. Time to get some rest and had great lots of fun for the coming days ahead..

So keep me sane for the rest of the days coming...And I'll remember to bring some light to you on the hitting you with the pillow....Bring lerr pillow, then we would have some crashing and thunder while we are working...hahah.

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