Friday, October 29, 2004


I see nothing, I found nothing, I know nothing...
That's practically what I feel last night.. when was i given this whole big stack with pages & pages & pages long extraction figure about some penders.

I look through the whole comment and questions popped up in my mind...
  1. what happen?
  2. what did they want?
  3. what did they call?
  4. what was done?
  5. has the requirements in yet?
  6. how much did the person paid?
  7. is it enough?
  8. what am i doing?

Yes, see.. so many questions in my mind. And all that sums up - i don't know a thing that i was called to do. Zilch. Nil.

I still has like.. er.. more than 10 pages more... did i do it correctly last night? .... i don't know...

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