Friday, October 22, 2004


Days before I had blog this small poem....

Things that are may not be,
Cause things that are cannot be seen,
Only those that are will know,
Because it is in the head, though it may be slow.

It is interesting on how one could interpretate a poem. How one four-liner can bring so much meaning. :p

The story behind this small poem was this. That day, some crapper commented that the department where I work in is SERIOUS and the people are actually BORING and QUIET. Unlikely if you know the people there well. Not a quiet community at all! It was actually really funny how one can come up with such preposterous perception in one visit. Ignorant? Perhaps. So that four-liner was what I shot at the crapper.

And the interpretation was this...

'The place where you had visit was not what you had initially thought. The people here are noisy, but not in the way one would define being noisy. Thus only those that are living among the community, the department colleagues, will know that we are not at all quiet, boring and serious. And it will take a while for those that are not from the department to know that.'

I think the crapper is still pondering over the poem...if that person has any sense of wanting to know of its meaning. :D

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